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Our award-winning team of professional internet marketers has worked with the biggest names in technology.  Now we are bringing our expertise out of Silicon Valley and into the hands of local hard-working entrepreneurs all over the country. We know what we are doing.

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"John and his team are the best in the business.

I have been growing my practice with them for over 20 years."

- Steve Mixon, Atlanta attorney



This part doesn't sound sexy but it is extremely important. Prior neglect may be a part to blame if you are frustrated with your digital marketing spend. First we audit your website and web properties for SEO best practices like NAP normalization and optimized title tags. Reputation management is critical to a brand’s digital health, so we create a tailored process that integrates into your existing customer care. This for free with a six month commitment, a five thousand dollar value.



Ready for more business? This is the fun part. Now we turn everything on from Google Guaranteed paid ads to publishing fresh content on-site, on social media and execute customer review management. Once we start increasing traffic we can perform A/B testing on your Calls To Action and further optimize for your success. Local internet marketing is always evolving, so we are only getting started.

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Now we are cooking. You have more business (or you don't pay us) and we are closely monitoring and optimizing ad spends, your performance and your competition. At this point the clients we want to work with (ambitious) are looking at optimizing their ROI by reinvesting and increasing monthly ad spends. With ongoing reporting and campaign monitoring and management, you’ll have the transparency to know that SearchNexus is an indispensable marketing partner.

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